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Be A Role Model

Role Model

Why don’t today’s children respect their parents? Parents who grow up their children all their lives, give them a good education and fulfill every thing they want, even forget their own desires and comforts. And when the same children stand in front of them , ask for a share in the property, or leave their old parents alone at that stage, what happens to them?

Why Children Don’t Give Values?

There are many reasons behind this:

Actions Speaks Louder than Words

The environment around us is very important in the training of children. Children feel and observe every minor or major thing around us. If the parents do not get along with each other, their selected words and actions against each other captured in the minds of children. Of course, they should not directly do this work. But the children see who is talking to whom and how important it is as we are at home, talk to the employee and give them orders. In the same way, children talk and adopt parents accent. How do they know he is an employee and how to talk to him? He looks at you and adopts your accent.

When a child speaks rudely to someone, it is everyone’s duty to guide the child, because training is not just a mother’s duty. Everyone in the house is involved in the training process and makes a better environment for all to live with others.

Objective for Role Model

We put it in his mind from the beginning that when you grow up, you have to become a doctor, engineer, etc., you have to earn money, that’s all that remains in his mind. Human values, love, sense of duty, love of country and nation do not remain.

He becomes a great man, earns money, but the feeling dies. Then he does not like to live in his small village. He wants to go from village to city and from city to other country. He will never think of his people as his country. Whenever he thinks, he will think for himself because that is what he has been taught. Because they do not have equal opportunities, they have to leave their home, leave their city and go to another city, even out of the country.

In such a situation, if they keep their parents with them, they do not like the new place, they do not find anyone to talk to. Because the surrounding environment is new, they get tired quickly and fed up, which makes the family relations worse. In this situation, children are forced to keep their parents in an old age house, which is also considered bad in our society. And children are considered disobedient.

Surrounding Matters affects

On the other hand, the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law do not get along with each other. Even after getting fed up with daily quarrels, it is decided to send the parents to an old age house. So they think that parents and they can live in peace. If children get equal opportunities for education and employment, they will not have to leave their parents, nor will they have to leave their homes and places for the sake of their children’s future.

Role Model during Use of Social Media

Now if we talk about teenage children, there are many reasons in their upbringing. The most important role is played by social media. Unnecessary use of the Internet make strange and alienated both children and adults. Now, instead of spending time with each other, social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc. are preferred. If the parents forbid the children, they will further say that you also use. It is the same thing that if the mother reads the book then the child will also do what the child sees.

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Lake of Responsibilities

Today’s mothers stay away from their responsibilities by giving mobile phones in the hands of their children. They get upset when the child uses it too much. The child learns from the people around him. Today’s children are very observant and answer questions about everything and give their own opinions about things.

Class Differences

Parents are also worried about the unequal distribution of wealth because when their child’s friend posts pictures of their car’s ‘big house’ branded clothes and shoes or pictures of food in a restaurant on Facebook, their child’s hearts. It is a bad attitude that the child also commands his parents to fulfilling his demands, if not the child stands in front of his parents with rude behavior and to cross every line of respect.

Make Elders as Role Model

Another reason that emerges is the distance between the first generation and the third generation. Today’s children do not spend time with their elders due to excessive use of social media, they do not know the difference between good and bad. The elders of the house have learned a lot from lives, their knowledge, experience and observation are very much.

We should benefit from their knowledge and that is possible only when we and our children spend time with them. And when guidance about elders’ respect is not told, how can we expect them to respect us? You will reap which will you sow today.

How Parents Plays as Role Model for Children

The need is that we have to do a lot of positive things to improve society. First of all, education must be made universal on an equal opportunity. Government and private schools must provide equal educational opportunities so that no one has to leave their parents. Then employment opportunities will have to be provided so that they can stay with their parents and serve them and take their prayers.

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We need to restrict our social media so that they can promote their culture and raise awareness. Improve their morals by playing a positive role in society. Teach them the principles of life according to their religion of Islam so that they can move on the path of progress. Live a better life we have to change our moral values.

You have to change yourself, be a role model. Only then will we be able to play our part. And our conscience will be satisfied. And our future generations will demonstrate superiority. We have our own role in building and spoiling them. So change yourself first. Children will learn by watching you. Not what you want to teach. Rather, they will learn what you are doing in front of them.

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Become Role Model for Children

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