Friday, August 12, 2022
ہومCOVID-19Unbelievable facts about Novel Corona Virus

Unbelievable facts about Novel Corona Virus

Who will believe…!!

An Italian delegation from a poor country like Somalia refused to go to Italy and requested the Somali government to allow him to stay there permanently!

Who will trust…!

The Prime Minister of Somalia emigrated to Britain after the end of his tenure he died of a corona virus in the UK.

Who will believe…!

US President Trump drew a wall between the two countries to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States …. Today Mexico is using the same wall to stop American illegal immigrants …….!

Who could believe…!

Two months ago Spain was upset with boats about illegal African migrants entering Morocco. Today, same boats are trying to migrate Spanish immigrants to Morocco…!

Who will believe…!

The powerful forces of a powerful army and a strong economy. who said that no one can frighten us now they are scare today …!

Mosques are locked and collective prayers are suspended. But Azan are being offered in the countries where they were prohibited …!

Who will trust…!

The Qur’an will be recited in the White House, where it was considered a symbol of terror … In the American and Western newspapers and countries of religion, the Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) will be interpreted…!

Who would believe…!

Doctors will die of with Corona’s disease and patients will recover ……..!

Who will trust…!

Troops were sent to win the war. today they are being separated from the front to save them ……!

Who would believe…!

The doctors who were against natural remedies. today looking for natural remedies to treat this widespread virus after their professional failure……!

If all these things had been said three months before today, none of us would believe it.

Say! All glories be to Allah who changed the unchanging things ….

Say … oh my God! Change the circumstances for us and make them better for us …

Say, oh my Allah… change our hearts. Turn them on the way you like…. All praise is to Allah Almighty.

Say … oh my Allah… I want refuge
After the blessings deprived, From prosperity to unhappiness, From the poor after the rich, And after disbelief from the faith.

Say! O Lord … Our hopes for you will never fade away. The clouds of trouble will disappear soon. In current situation our condition will change soon. Oh
Arham-Ul-Rahmin! You are so generous and all praise belong to you. Just have mercy on us.


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